When the rain sets in and the wind begins to howl, and the seething summer shoreline becomes quiet, where does one go to be with community, to gather? Where are the public spaces in which you can be, not just a consumer, but a citizen? A citizen seeking community, culture and conversation. This has always been the role of the artist, hand in hand with cultural institutions: the gallery, the library, the theatre, the music hall. All places to engage, receive, think and be inspired.

This is the role of Lighthouse Arts Collective.

We began by transforming a beautiful, untapped space. We created New Hall - a place in which to gather and engage with art, culture and conversation.


The Lighthouse Arts Collective is a group of artists and arts workers living in Point Lonsdale. The lure of the seaside, natural environment and community, saw each of us call this special place home. The Collective emerged from a shared desire to create diverse artistic experiences for our community. Our practices engage in a variety of forms and disciplines including sound, music, performance, poetry, visual art and film.

We feel privileged to create and present on the traditional lands of the Wadawurrung people. We are proud to be attracting artistic experiences of the highest quality to inspire our incredible community.