If these walls could talk

“What we seek, at the deepest level, is inwardly to resemble, rather than physically to possess, the objects and places that touch us through their beauty” 

Alain De Botton, The Architecture Of Happiness

Is it possible that buildings and objects carry their experiences within the form and architecture of their being? If only walls could talk, to tell us of all they have seen. In our experience if you spend enough time in a space you start to hear and feel it’s history and learn also of it’s present desires. The Lighthouse Arts Collective heard such whispers on a quiet back street in Point Lonsdale. It’s requests were few but telling; a dusting down, a new coat of paint, unobstructed windows to let the light in and people. On Sunday evening we stood in New Hall, admiring its simple yet beautiful form, contemplating all it has seen and it’s desire to hold space for gathering and for communion; through music, poetry, art and performance, through conversation with one another. We feel and see the building joyous in being full of music, community and life. We were met with so many smiling faces coming through the doors and how inspiring that the front row consisted of the youngest members of our community. Chaotic and joyous they remind us there is no fourth wall and what a revelation it is to knock it down! As the night was in full swing we embody an overwhelming YES, from the building’s walls, from the vintage theatre lights, from the bodies young and old saying hello to each other and the possibilities of this space, to dance together. Lighthouse Arts Collective and New Hall are quite taken with the beginning of this new chapter and the exciting experiences to be added to the architecture of this humble space, oh what these walls might whisper now!